Scot Kelly

"Boom-Boom" on Drums & Vocals -


NOT ELABORATE, NOT FANCY but his drum playing is much like the man he is, SOLID AS A ROCK!  Ask him to give you something solid you can stand on and he'll give you something you can stand the Statue of Liberty on! You’d be hard pressed to find another drummer that brings to the table what Scot does. Beside his ability to hold a solid groove, Scot has personality plus, and is the ultimate team player. In his former bands, The Mavriks, Black Cat, and Dirt's Raiders, he's shared the stage with many great artists including: Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, The Ramones, Pat Travers, Wishbone Ash, John Kaye/Steppenwolf, Lonestar, and Chicago's own Jimi Sohns/The Shadows of Knight. He is literally in the rock business (in more ways than one), and the next time you see him, ask him what that means!