Joe Gagliardo

"Daddy G"  Bass Guitar -



Joe's unique and rather unorthodox style of playing bass has captivated fellow musicians and audiences alike. If anyone should be on stage, it's Joe! He's undeniably "in his element" up there, under the lights, and his whole being screams it! His contagious and never-ending smile finds you with no escape. For that matter, anything to do with music lights him up! In fact, he is a walking, talking encyclopedia of Rock & Roll facts! Whenever you are stumped on some rock trivia... call Joe! A fan of Chicago bands, R&B, The Boyzz from Illinoizz, Girl bands, British Invasion etc. (basically all great music), he started down the road in his own bands in high school with the Children of Stone, and later played for Undercover and finally since 2003, laying down the bottom for Dirty Dan Buck of The Boyzz.
In the real world, Joe is a prominent and highly-respected professional by any and all standards, but he's one that will never forget his humble beginnings from that little working-class neighborhood, in the shadows of Wrigley Field, because he knows that's what shaped him into the man he is today!