Jimmi Perrino

 "A little keys if you please..."  Keyboards & Vocals - 


How many people can say they played keys for rock n roll legend CHUCK BERRY ...well Jimmi can! But not only that, Chuck, (uncharacteristically), sang praises of Jimmi by saying to his audience " you don't see too many white boys who can play like that" and "that white boy can play the blues" and then sat down next to him and played side by side. No doubt, a highlight of Jimmi's career! Jimmi has been bedazzling audiences with his keyboard magic his whole life, but there was a time when he thought he wanted to switch to guitar and his father told him (emphatically) "you have committed yourself to learning the piano, and that's that! Jimmi went on to be a student of the American Conservatory of Music and is well versed in most genres. In response to the question, how long will you keep doing this, Jimmi responded, "I'll keep playing till they throw dirt on top of me".